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Looking forward to travel with a perfect itinerary? Meet "TravelTime Maps", an app that helps travelers create a schedule based on distances and chosen activities.

And how exactly does it work? Before getting to their destination, the app allows the users to plan the routes throughout the city (it recommends the best roads or transport media to shorten distances). Then, creates a personalized map that includes a picture- perfect schedule with activities, locations, and distance times, which the user can view from any device (such as a tablet or smartphone).

Even though “Travel Time Map” has become pretty popular since its launch, today it can only be found on certain countries such as: Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, and United States, but it is expected to be available in more destinations very soon.

Tip: Use your “Traveltime Map” app to discover as much Sites´ “photo ops” locations as you can in a day!

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