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Top spectacular train journeys across Europe you should take at least once in a lifetime

Sometimes, our lives move around so quickly, we often forget to relax and simply enjoy the view. On this occasion, we invite you to put shut down your everyday distractions, get comfortable and enjoy the “TOP spectacular train journeys across Europe” (according to Travel Magazine).

1. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Start/Finish: London-Venice

Distance: 967 miles

Time: 2 days

Immortalised by authors including Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming, the Orient Express and its an unrefined luxury and window to the past.

This 24-hour journey will take you through England, France and Switzerland, before gliding through northern Italy, and finally on to Venice. Molto Bello!

2. Glacier Express, Switzerland

Start/Finish: St. Moritz – Zermatt Distance: 180 miles Time: 8 hours

Known as Europe´s slowest express train, “Glacier Express” takes you through a magnificent high-mountain rail route, which starts at St. Moritz ski resort and ends in Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn.

While being seated, luckily, you´ll get a glimpse of numerous frosted lakes, the Rhine Gorge (known as Switzerland’s Grand Canyon), and 91 incredible tunnels, each leading to a new natural spectacle.

3. Interrailing, France to Italy

Start/Finish: Paris-Rome

Distance: 776 miles

Time: 5 days

On this journey, you will first start off in Paris, the “City of Lights”, before boarding the train to Lyon. Next stop is Milan, then you will head south through countryside to Bologna.

As you travel to Tuscany, you can vineyards and cypress trees unfold outside your window, before disembarking in Florence. The final destination will take you past the pretty medieval city of Siena and on to Rome, which holds the key to one of history’s most fascinating civilisations.

4. The Jacobite, Scotland

Start/Finish: Fort William – Mallaig – Fort William

Distance: 84 miles

Time: 5.5 hours

This unique train takes travellers along the West Highland line running north from Fort William. Its journey starts on Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, and continues through Scotland fabulous landscapes. On the way, you can get a glimpse of the “Glenfinnan Viaduct”, made famous by the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films.

The best part is that when the weather is good, the train stops along the way for photograph opportunities. Also, as it takes around two hours to get to Mallaig (famous fishing port) travellers enough time to explore the site before re-boarding the train and returning to Fort William.

4. Oslo to Bergen, Norway

Start/Finish: Oslo – Bergen Distance: 308 miles Time: 6.5 hours

Starting off in Oslo, you’ll head up through the frosted Hallingdal Valley and on to the highest train station in Norway, Finse (1,222 meters). The train will then shuttle down to sea level past Myrdal station and onwards to its final stop, the former capital city of Bergen.

Tell us! Which one was your favorite?

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