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Top searched countries to travel in 2020, according to Google

It has been more two decades since Google has made our lives SOOO much easier. With just one click, you search any topic can blow your mind with the abundant information that is uploaded by users all around the world.

And talking about searching topics on the internet, “The Big Four” company has recently released a list of what were the most searched destinations to travel in 2020 (In spite of Covid- 19), and of course, we are going to share every juicy detail with you:

1. Italy

Despite starting with a rough patch with the pandemic, this beautiful country was the most searched travel destination on Google in 2020 (until now).

2. Maldives

Virgin Islands, breathtaking views, luxury, nature, very few Covid- 19 victims… Sign me up please!

3. Mexico

With more than 1.72 million searches, Mexico was one of the favorite destinations to travel (maybe because of the delicious spicy food and beautiful beaches, don’t you think?)

4. Thailand

Thai food, the islands, the temples, the luxurious hotels… Enough said

5. Spain

Even though Spain is one of the most affected countries by Covid- 19, users searched for cities all around this beautiful country (Madrid and Granada were the two top favorites).

6. Canada

Most of the users that searched for Canada, were looking for nature spots and incredible breathtaking views.

7. Greece

With more than 1 million searches, this country was search alongside keywords such as “beaches”, “partying” and “food”)

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