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The trendiest pool floats for 2020

Even though the summer is almost ending… why not enjoy the rest of the season with a fashionable bikini and an amazing floater?

The flamingo and the unicorn floater are so last year! So, which of these amazing accessories should you go for? On this occasion, we present to you the “trendiest” (and our TOP favorite) floaters of the season, which you can easily take with you on your next vacay (and take lots of pics for your “Sites” profile, of course) :

  1. Butterfly Wings

You can find this babies for over 40 dollars on Amazon!

2. The leaf

Its green color will not only bring out your eyes, but also your bikini!

3. Angel Wings

Even though this floater is pretty expensive (75 USD), its definitely worth every penny!

4. Rainbow

Look fabulous in every color of the rainbow!

5. Alpaca

AL- PA-CAS... enough said!

6. Rosé Bottle

You´ll definitely be "the life of the party"

7. Pizza

You can get this amazing floater for less than 30 dollars on Walmart!

8. Sloth

This is only the best float of all time!

Which one was your favorite? #SITES

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