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The best destinations for women who wish to travel alone

According to Google, searches regarding location recommendations for those who wish to travel “solo” have increased notably over the last few years (they have reached over 100 million searches).

Taking this statistics in account (and the fact that the majority of searches came from women), Ampersand Travel, experts in custom luxury travel, created the “Wander Women Index”, a worldwide guide in which countries are classified by their level of security, women's rights culture, activities and scenery.

If you wonder which cities are the “top leaders” of the list, then continue reading this article:

1. Japan

Japan tops the list due to its incredibly low crime rate (an extremely important factor to take in account when traveling alone). Also, Japan has more than 30 national parks, where you can explore its volcanoes, forests, and beaches.

Among its most important destinations is the city of Nara, which is worldwide known for its sika deer population (This extra cute animals freely roam the temples of the city). Also, you can also find in Nara the great shrine of Kasuga, which is considered a “world heritage” since in 1998.

2. France

This country earns its second place for its high score in terms of women's rights and because it has closed almost 80% of its gender gap.

France also ranked at the top for its beautiful landscapes, its pleasant weather, and for how friendly the natives are. Additionally, it is a coveted destination for anyone who loves food, wine, and culture.

3. Spain

Spain reaches this position due to its high score in the adventure factor, making it the perfect destination for the traveler looking for something different. It also has incredible cuisine for all palates, such as the tapas of San Sebastián, considered by Lonely Planet, as one of the best gastronomic experiences in the world.

Now the really question is... Which country would you choose to discover incredible "photo ops" with our app?

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