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Inside the world's first 'underground' hotel built in an abandoned quarry

After ten years of construction, the “Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland” opened its doors to the world in November 2018.

And what is so special about this place? This hotel not only stands out for its luxury and beauty, but also, because it was built (90 meters deep) in what used to be an abandoned mine.

According to ISW, the main objective behind building in this old quarry (which is located Southwest of Shanghai) was to reduce the environmental impact on the site. For the same reason, the natural resources available in the area have been used to the maximum to build restaurants, a garden, an aquarium, and a sports center.

The hotel has 337 rooms (which are priced to 500 USD a night) and according to Shanghaiist, the Shanghai Shimao Property Group has an investment of US$555 million in the project.

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