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Hamnsekar: The New Socially Distanced Vacation Destination

Sweden is taking the idea of a socially distanced vacation up a notch.

A team of Swedish hospitality professionals has come together to create an island escape at the site of the Pater Noster lighthouse off of Sweden’s rugged western coast. The group has converted what was once the home of a lighthouse caretaker on a tiny island into a boutique hotel complex, complete with a restaurant and bar. The property can accommodate up to 18 guests.

The property looks like a collection of small red buildings on an island surrounded by treacherous waves. But inside those buildings, you’ll find hardwood floors, elaborate wallpaper, and furniture meant for lounging with an epic view as your backdrop.

Visitors can choose to rent a room or the entire island. Stays include breakfast, guided island tours, lighthouse visits, the chance to fish for your own dinner, and access to hot tubs filled with warm seawater. Cars are prohibited, making the island a paradise for walkers and bikers.

The island of Hamneskär was once considered inhabitable, but has housed lighthouse keepers and their families for more than 100 years since a lodge was built at the site in 1868.

The lighthouse itself got a makeover in 2002 when it was taken to the Swedish mainland to undergo what ultimately became a five-year restoration project. It made its way back to Hamneskär in 2007.

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