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Discover “Krsitallwelten”, the beautiful SWAROVSKI THEME PARK

Swarovski is an Austrian brand that is worldwide known for manufacturing luxurious products such as jewelry (made mainly out of crystals), and optical instruments, such as telescopes.

Beside owning 2,800 stores around 170 countries, Swarosvki owns a fabulous theme park called "Kristallwelten" (translated in English, "Crystal World").

This beautiful place is located in Wattens, Austria, and was established in 1995 to celebrate the brand´s centenary.

Among other elements, visitors can enjoy nine different showrooms that contain thousands of figurines made with Swarovski crystals, which many are inspired in famous paints and works of art from all around the world (One of the most emblematic pieces are Dalí's melted clocks). Also, visitors can enjoy the Cristal Theather (which movies are projected in 3D), a glass dome with 590 mirrors, and spectacular gift shop.

In addition, on the center of the compound, visitors can be mesmerized by the “Centenar”, which is considered the largest cut crystal in the world (has over 300,000 carats).

To get there, users must take a 30- minute bus drive from Innsbruck, Austria (works Tuesday through Sunday).

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