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Discover Chicago´s unique"WNDR Museum

In addition to being one of the most important cities in the financial world, Chicago is home to dozen entertainment centers, spectacular buildings, and a cosmopolitan culture. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before an innovative museum opened its doors to all those art lovers and Instagram fans. This time we are refering to the “Wndr Museum” (its name refers to WANDER¨de prowl, or ¨WONDER ¨, to marvel).

Located on the first floor of a commercial building, it has over 19 attractions (each created by different artists) ranging from a room with an optical illusion of infinite mirrors, to a room full of floating seats, which are held by balloons. The entrance to the museum is at $32 USD, and the tour lasts about 1 hour.

Although it is temporarily closed for the moment, we are sure that this place is a “must see” for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in an ultra-sensory experience.

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